Tall, Dark and Dangerous (TV Movie 2024)

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Tall, Dark and Dangerous (TV Movie 2024). Tall, Dark and Dangerous: Directed by David DeCoteau. With Jamie Bernadette, Matthew Pohlkamp, Jackée Harry, Alana Walker. Alice decides to try out a dating app where she seems to find her perfect match, but she discovers that he's an impostor who stole the identity of his former roommate to insert himself into her life.

“Alice Miles has just been promoted to partner at a law firm but she lacks a social life and her friend, Janie, shoots a Cupid arrow to a dude Alice has been looking at on an online dating app called u0026quot;Be My Valentine.u0026quot; Trouble is when the dude sends her back a reply and they agree to meet, Alice realizes she has been cat-fished because the dude seated doesnu0026#39;t look anything like the one in the app photo and she tells him nicely she doesnu0026#39;t appreciate being played. Chris, the impostor dude, doesnu0026#39;t seem to care because he just wants a Valentineu0026#39;s date and wants to continue seeing her and spending time with her Alice tells him not to bother her ever again but Chris has other ideas and continues to call her, stalk her, and insinuates himself into both her personal and professional life. What will Alice do to stop him? Frankly, at this point in the movie, I didnu0026#39;t care. This recycled trope is tedious, with horrible acting, plots holes galore, a bad script, bad direction, and is just an overall mess. Skip it..”


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