No Tears for the Damned (1968)

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No Tears for the Damned (1968). 1h 25m | Not Rated

“This is a film that does a lot to build on atmosphere creating a gritty look at the sleazy underbelly of a city where the alcohol and sex are cheap and human life is even cheaper. We get this not only through some scenes that would fit right in with many proto-mondos movies that feature long lost 1960s nightclubs but also through the general grime as our protagonists travel around. The movie does switches gears from nasty Vegas travelogue to something more of a proto-slasher as the titular strangler does his thing with the women who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with him. The kills are actually kinda fun for the era but the film also gets fairly repetitive as it settles into the grove of showcasing a series of sex murders and we get less of the down and dirty tour of Vegas that the first act gave us. Still a decent time though and potentially even a good entry to roughies as this is a fairly tame one.”


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