Sex, the City and Me (TV Movie 2007)

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Sex, the City and Me (TV Movie 2007). 1h 30m

“This has to be one of the worst of the bad movies that is produced on television these days. I have however noted one commonality between TV getting worse and the rise of women directors. Women tend to make emotional u0026quot;realityu0026quot; based television shows. Also they lean towards making odd shows. Consider that many of the soap operas like Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives were geared towards women viewers. Hence the directors of those shows listened to female input. Because they knew women viewers wanted that sort of thing. However, every movie made now has a problem like this. If a male director makes it, heu0026#39;ll attempt to make the female characters big, strong, independent, macho, beer-swilling, able to beat up guys twice their size. If a female director creates a movie, sheu0026#39;ll make the main characters all women and itu0026#39;ll be an emotional love roller-coaster story. Anyone notice this??”


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