Red Midnight (1966)

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Red Midnight (1966). 1h 32m

“There are some genuinely fun moments at the beginning when the protagonist starts elaborating about his crazy idea of how vulnerable American cities are and how just no one will listen to him (hmm, I wonder what motivated this movie to be made). Sadly thatu0026#39;s basically the high point as the film mostly just meanders along while we follow these characters around. There are a few sleazy hi-jinks and some bizarro dialog to accompany them but as a whole this is extremely slow. Iu0026#39;m not even sure who Iu0026#39;d suggest watch it as it has so few redeeming qualities to it. Some of the plotting scenes are fun but the filmmakers didnu0026#39;t have enough of skill with storytelling (or perhaps they just didnu0026#39;t want to inspire copycats?) to make an engrossing procedural drama. Instead we get a clunky character drama that doesnu0026#39;t feature enough scenery chewing or psychotronic energy to function as an entertaining piece of cinema. I hesitate to even suggest it to red scare propaganda fanatics as it is so bloated with filler and Iu0026#39;m more inclined to just give a blanket suggestion to avoid and not watch.”


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