The Rare Blue Apes of Cannibal Isle (1975)

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The Rare Blue Apes of Cannibal Isle (1975). 1h 23m

“This is another previously lost flick that has recently been unearthed and released by Vinegar Syndrome. I am a little surprised this didnu0026#39;t get wider distribution early in its life as it feels like it is odd enough to garner something of a cult following. For those who have ever delved into the weirder side of kiddie matinees this definitely offers up some reasons to become a classic: surprisingly detailed lore, ridiculous looking costumes, some lavish set pieces, some amazing shooting locations, a fun animal sidekick, and a finale that is far higher stakes than youu0026#39;d ever expect. Iu0026#39;d rate it higher but the low points are pretty bad and basically just feature some characters walking around while they banter. Additionally the cast of characters isnu0026#39;t as colorful as youu0026#39;d expect from the initial psychotronic first act which makes things like the walk and talk approach to filler all the more patience testing. Still this is at least memorable as it is fairly weird but Iu0026#39;m not sure Iu0026#39;d suggest it to anyone who isnu0026#39;t already into psychotronic kid matinees as this is too poorly paced to make a convert out of most people.”


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