Death Notice (2022)

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Death Notice (2022). 1h 40m

“Itu0026#39;s truly disheartening to see this film expose the dark side of u0026#39;money talksu0026#39; where even the police can be swayed. Aaron Kwok, who loses his girlfriend, finds himself surrounded by questionable colleagues, superiors, and current partners-all entangled in the desire for money through land redevelopment. Hong Kong cinema has always had a knack for depicting police corruption realistically, and I must say, the intense showdown between Louis Koo and Aaron Kwok, along with the plot twists involving Tony Leung Ka-fai orchestrated by u0026#39;Darker,u0026#39; keep this film consistently engaging, a mind-bending plot thatu0026#39;s well worth pondering alongside.”


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