Paging Mr. Darcy (TV Movie 2024)

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Paging Mr. Darcy (TV Movie 2024). 1h 24m | TV-G

“This is your usual Hallmark fare, with downgraded food intended as a humorous, but poorly conceived, plot point, inadequate and inconsistent costume work for an Austen conference, and little to no research as to the type of women or vendors that might actually be at such an event invested, prior to the writing phase of the script. Some Austen quotes and character references are peppered throughout, for good measure, but the characters are as one-note and predictable as those of any Hallmark show, and not worthy of a Jane Austen tribute. There were a few redeeming moments: the field trip to the exhibit of Austen correspondence and the preparation of somewhat accurate period piece deserts (which could/should have been brought in on silver platters to cooing of the attendees, but NO) by the leads, but there was no need to devolve all the way to off-brand-Subway deli meats for an elegant garden party just for humor – when trays like that could have easily been arranged at Whole Foods or any local gourmet market. It didnu0026#39;t add humor – it just emphasized the lack of class and substance in the film production itself.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIu0026#39;m still planning to watch the other Jane Austen movies this month, and I really, genuinely hope they hired a real film writer for at least one of them – Iu0026#39;m a big Austen fan and it would be such a shame if all the films are this much of a missed opportunity. Alternately, if the budget doesnu0026#39;t allow for u0026quot;Hollywoodu0026quot; writers, hire an Indie writer – someone up and coming, but out of work, just like they do with actors, and tell the writer the script does NOT need to fit the Hallmark tropes, formula and mold to a T. My advice to Hallmark, for any future female author tribute: show RESPECT, ala Aretha Franklin, and put a little more legwork into the script by also hiring outside costumers, outside hair stylists, caterers. Make a bit of an effort. They know how – some Hallmark productions are better than the formula; Hallmark: we can see how your films are all the same and we welcome a bit of creativity. Put in some effort instead of churning them out, particularly when it doth seem of great import to your guests.”


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