Snowballing (1987)

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Snowballing (1987). 1h 36m | PG

“Just wanted to defend this one seeing as how the other reviews are pretty negative. I thought it was a decent addition to the cheesy u0026#39;80s teen comedy genre. The cast was a fairly likeable group of unknowns, the biggest name being Mary McDonough, who played one of the daughters on The Waltons. Steven Tash I recognized as the spritual stoner buddy from Beachballs (another forgotten film). Alan Sues channels Paul Lynde as he plays a hapless science teacher/chaperone that keeps having bad stuff happen to him. And, yes, he gets chased by a giant snowball while dressed as Indiana Jones. The whole thing moves along following a slim plotline and lots of cheap gags, but still manages to be kind of charming anyway. A steady stream of nameless synth instrumentals on the soundtrack. All in all, a nice little u0026#39;80s time capsule, albeit a snow-filled one. If you liked Joysticks or Party Camp or Hot Moves or anything else in this vein, I would recommend this (sorry, no nudity).”


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