Zwei Mädchen und die Doolin-Bande (1980)

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Zwei Mädchen und die Doolin-Bande: Directed by Lamont Johnson. With Scott Glenn, Redmond Gleeson, William Russ, Kenny Call. In 19th-century Oklahoma, two teen girls who love stories about outlaws, are on a quest to meet and join up with them. They find a shadow of a former gang and although disappointed, still try to help them escape from a vigorous Marshal.

“Amanda Plummer and Diane Lane are perfect complements in the title roles. Cattle Annie, as played by Plummer, is assertive, questioning, and somewhat rambunctious. In contrast, Laneu0026#39;s character is a lot like Barbara i One Day At A Time. The two young ladies get in the middle of Legendary Marshal Bill Tilghmanu0026#39;s attempts to take the gang led by Burt Lancaster. The dialogue is sensational, and the acting, including terrific performances by Scoot Glenn and John Savage, could not be better. This is one to savor.”


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