Joe Dakota (1957)

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Joe Dakota (1957). 1h 19m | Passed

“I stumbled upon this movie one day on Encore Westerns, our favorite channel and it is very well done! Joe Dakota was well written and played out very nicely. It was sweet and charming along with great character development and extremely witty. Unlike some other classic westerns that are u0026quot;to cuteu0026quot; and wrap up quickly to a very predictable end, this movie was fluid and swept you right along a smooth ride! A must see for any true classic western lover! Jock Mahoney was great! I will truly look out for more of his work in the future! His role was thought out and kept you thinking and wondering up until that u0026quot;uh huh!u0026quot; moment. I can only say Iu0026#39;m disappointed it took me this long to see it!”


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