Bobcat Moretti (2022)

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Bobcat Moretti (2022). 1h 36m | R

“It is an incredible movie, even though there are a few tiny flaws, like the lead not being an actual boxer though he gave it his all and committed. But no movie is perfect. But the acting is top notch and I did not know where this story was going. I would call it a dramatic mystery in all honesty. I also loved ROCKY, but Bobcat Moretti has more intrigue than Rocky. They both have equal amount of heart. Rocky has the romance and Bobcat Moretti has inspiration and likely to move the whole family. My 13-year-old was not excited to see it at first, but loved it and was riveted by the end.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWe rented it on VUDU. Looked great! And then I bought it after because I knew I would want to watch it again for the mystery and to see if clues were planted by the director.”


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