Le nez dans le ruisseau (2012)

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Le nez dans le ruisseau (2012). 1h 30m

“u0026quot;Le Nez Dans Le Ruisseauu0026quot;/u0026#39;The nose in the streamu0026#39; is all about Switzerlandu0026#39;s greatest citizen Jean-Jacques Rousseauu0026#39;s philosophy which resonates throughout the film. Whether it is adult students reading passages from Rousseauu0026#39;s u0026quot;Les Confessionsu0026quot; or an animated yet passionate discussion about the importance of money,simple yet philosophical ideas by Rousseau convey their universal appeal in daily lives of people. This film by Christophe Chevalier is set around three people from absolutely different age groups, different backgrounds who have something to do with Rousseau. However, they have their own problems. How they find a solution to their problems remains a key element of this film. For admirers of Rousseau (1712-1778),2012 was a great year as it marked the tricentenary of the birth of this great champion of humanity and human freedom. There were plenty of celebrations throughout the world but as a feature film which paid tribute to Rousseauu0026#39;s thought, the importance of u0026quot;Le Nez Dans Le Ruisseauu0026quot; would grow in the years to come. The title of the film finds its origin in the famous song u0026quot;La Faute à Voltaireu0026quot; sung by Victor Hugou0026#39;s character Gavroche (Les Misérables).Lastly,there are excellent performances by Sami Frey, Liam Kim, Anne Richard but it is Swiss actor Jean-Philippe Ecoffey who stands apart in his small yet touching role as a father who would like to see his son happy.”


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