You Light Up My Life (1977)

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You Light Up My Life (1977). 1h 30m | PG

“Young woman working for her low-rent showman father struggles to break out from his shadow and follow her heart as a singer-songwriter. Joseph Brooks, who composed, wrote, produced and directed the film, might have used some assistance. His picture has a drab, TV-movie look and feel, with an elongated emotional breakdown for our heroine which turns her from plucky imp to vulnerable girl victimized by too much love. Brooks stages a funny wedding rehearsal, and his placement of the Oscar-winning title tune (which he wrote, natch) in the recording studio gives it an emotional lift, but the final tag doesnu0026#39;t tell the whole story. Hasnu0026#39;t Brooks ever heard of the one-hit wonder? *1/2 from ****”


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