The Crusades (2023)

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The Crusades (2023). 1h 42m

“The Crusades feels like a perfect adaptation of the quintessential 2000s teen comedy, updated for the 2020s. It is expertly acted with a break-out cast, and debut director and writer Leo Milano hit an absolute home run. Producer Brent Madison pulled together a terrific team and the film is beautifully shot by Dillon Schneider.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eNicholas Turturro stands out as the hilarious Coach Krieger, guiding Leo, Sean, and Nozak (Pankow, Everage, and Ashton) every step along the way. Leo Grecco is caught between a childhood crush on his teacher, Ms. Kerpial (Anna Maiche) and a girl from their fellow school, Ryan (Ashley Nicole Williams). Sean must decide between his friends and his girlfriend Jess (Indiana Massara). Jack Nozak is constantly trying to stay out of trouble with Dean Whitman (Greg Davis Jr.). What happens to the crew will keep everyone on the edge of their seat all throughout the film.”

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