Gunsight Ridge (1957)

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Gunsight Ridge (1957). 1h 25m | Passed

“Better than average western. Lots of studio lot actors that you always recognize but rarely know their names. Nice scenes with Slim Pickens (stage coach driver) and Dan Blocker (bartender). I did not recognize L Q Jones though, he was one of the four ruffian ranch hands. Story line wanders a bit but not objectionably so, and actually helps to keep your interest as it is not a plain, bad guy gets caught by good guy, that Republic Pictures turned out during that era. There was one element that is a constant in westerns of that era and that is the single daughter living with her single dad, the sheriff and his daughter. I also enjoyed the filming locations. One was very obvious as being Old Tucson and the others I suspect were in the Northern San Fernando Valley or maybe close by Santa Clarity Valley or Simi Valley. Worth watching if you enjoy old black and white westerns, better than average actors, and a more complicated story line.”


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