1962 Halloween Massacre (2023)

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1962 Halloween Massacre (2023). 1962 Halloween Massacre: Directed by Crawford Watson. With Joan Milburn, Will Branner, Caroline Beagles, Jeremiah Wenutu. A group of lifelong best friends go to a remote cottage on Halloween Night.

“The movie has massacre in the title. Thatu0026#39;s exactly what I wish had happen to all the characters in this film by minute 13. It was a brain massacre by then, as in mine brain getting ready to explode. I gave it 2 because at least one of the women was trying to get them to shut up. What did I learn, some, if not all were spoiled brats with chauffeurs and security guards. That alone made me hope they would have a slow and agonizing death. Of course, I had to keep from laughing. I went to law school with that type of u0026quot;daddy is so rich, etcu0026quot; Most managed to flunk the bar exam and some how ended up lawyers. How? No need to say: daddy. At least the characters came up as equally stupid. They got that part right.”


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