A Christmas for the Ages (TV Movie 2023)

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A Christmas for the Ages (TV Movie 2023). A Christmas for the Ages: Directed by Martin Wood. With Natasha Bure, Anna Ferguson, Cheryl Ladd, Kate Craven. Prompted by their youngest granddaughter, four generations celebrate Christmas like '40s, '60s, '90s, and present day.

“I loved the idea of this movie, four generations getting together for Christmas is rare. Unfortunately, we lose a parent, a cousin, uncle etc. Both my parents are not longer with us. Due to their passing so we donu0026#39;t always get to see 4 generations together. That was wonderful, but it wasnu0026#39;t realistic or warm. It was over the top with everything. No family is perfect. People are different and have different ideas but in this movie no one is different, challenges ideas or even gives an idea that might clash or not be the same. Itu0026#39;s like it was written for everything to be perfect. Real life and real people arenu0026#39;t like this. God made us all different with our own minds and ideas, none of that came through. I am sorry but it became boring due to the u0026quot;perfectnessu0026quot; of it without reality. I expected so much more, a real let down.”


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