Messages from the Sea (2010)

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Messages from the Sea (2010). 2h 13m

“I consider massages from the sea the best egyptian movie in the past 20 years the movie is talking about love the man who loved a woman he donu0026#39;t know and what come after that but the most important thing in this movie that make me love it u0026quot;qapeelu0026quot; for me is considered one of the greatest second role i have ever seen the massage the role want to say is just a great massage the role want to say that the memory is the most important thing in life without it you will be nothing u0026quot;mohamed lotfyu0026quot;play the role well the soundtrack of the movie is my favourite but for me it comes after the music of land of fear made by the same director and the same musician the thing that made the movie is not wow is the level of acting of u0026quot;basmau0026quot; it was regular.”


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