Hør her'a! (2023)

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Hør her'a! (2023). 1h 26m

“Based on the amazing comedy book by Gulraiz Sharif, and amazingly directed by Kaveh Tehrani, this movie was an absolutely fantastic adaptation, where we got many iconic scenes from the book, while introducing new aspects and new characters. A moral about that family is the most important and that you have to be yourself, did the job in this film. A moral we are getting strong in front of our faces. The music soundtrack and build-up of the movie was great, the acting was extraordinary, my personal favorites was Mahmoud (The Main Character) and his uncle, they both played so realistic and funny, as well as the other actors, that also was great. They introduced us a new character that wasnu0026#39;t in the book, Arisha, she is a new girl that wasnu0026#39;t expected, and it is obvious that Mahmoud likes her, so they showed us a small love connection between these two, that wasnu0026#39;t needed but overall it was ok. The whole idea to show how some Norwegian people act and how they behavior is, was showed in a good, ironic and funny way, as well as the foreigners compared themselves to Norwegian people, with spicy and not spicy food, and how much money they have, they have higher, and the foreigners had lower, that was showed in this movie. Not every Norwegian is like these in the movie, but they showed a bigger group of Norwegian that act liked that and what was u0026quot;Real Norwegianu0026quot;. I think that concept in the book and movie was very funny, with good exaggeration. This movie was very clever and delivers us a big message about being yourself and never give up on your dreams. They also showed that to stay together as a family is stronger than being alone about something, they really showed that family connection in this movie, that I really liked. They showed that they cared about each other, and loved each other very much. To summary, this movie was a very good adaptation to the book, many similarities, some differences, that I liked, some differences was not the best, but ok, and I think that this movie is one of the best book adaptations I know about, very great and I recommend this movie very much!”


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