The Secret (2007)

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The Secret (2007). 1h 33m | R

“The story is pretty contrived, but itu0026#39;s easy to look past that because it is more about the relationship between the characters instead of the mystery or whatever of a mother being trapped in her daughteru0026#39;s body. Itu0026#39;s a film well worth watching for the superb performances from David Duchovny (who has quickly become a huge obsession of mine) and especially Olivia Thirlby who convincingly portrays this adult soul trapped in her teenage body. She was absolutely brilliant and will probably stay in at least my top ten by the end of the year. Even more impressive was the fact that this was actually her first role ever in film, just other stuff got released before it. The two of them were devastating together and worked so well, which is outstanding because of the age difference. They did a great job of moving seamlessly between such a wide range of emotions from sexual repression to jealousy to anger.”


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