Ouija Shark 2 (2022)

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Ouija Shark 2 (2022). 1h 22m

“If I could describe Ouija Shark 2 with one word, it would be u0026quot;ambitionu0026quot;. Having seen the first installment just a week before the sequelu0026#39;s release, I went into this movie expecting 5 minutes of John Miglioreu0026#39;s character providing narration in between a beat-for-beat rehash of the first movie with a different set of bikini girls. I was proven wrong within the first ten minutes and it only got better from there. Migliore brings a surprisingly complex level of supernatural/mythical lore to this production, and his battles in Hell are just the beginning of this titanic struggle…Watch the first one, grab another beer, and prepare to be blown away!”


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