Under the Light (2023)

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Under the Light (2023). 2h 7m

“I had my viewing of this completely ruined for me by Chinese nationals who talked, used their phones, filmed scenes and vaped constantly throughout the screening last night. I missed a lot of the sub-titles because I had to tell the male sitting next to me to stop using his phone. After the fourth time, he actually asked me u0026quot;why?u0026quot;nYour disrespect for fellow cinema-goers does nothing to earn respect for the Chinese film industry and is not only unfair to those of us who watch World Cinema but it is unfair to the film-makers and actors.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eI can only score this film as mediocre because of my dreadful experience and how my health was affected by the ignorant people vaping.”


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