Mission Raniganj (2023)

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Mission Raniganj (2023). 2h 14m

“The gifted Parineeti Chopra, who constantly gives her characters nuance and realism, is standing by him. Mission Raniganj, directed by the visionary Tinu Suresh Desai, is expected to be a visually spectacular masterwork with the directoru0026#39;s meticulous attention to detail evident in every shot. Every detail, from the intimidating mining settings to the heart-pounding action moments, seems to have been well considered. Iu0026#39;m especially looking forward to seeing the castu0026#39;s performances since they bring this incredible true story to life. Mission Raniganj offers a glimpse into the unsung heroism that frequently goes unrecognised, and it has all it needs to be a memorable and thought-provoking movie.”


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