Flodder in Amerika! (1992)

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Flodder in Amerika! (1992). 2h

“In this somewhat inferior sequel the Flodder family finds itself in America, where they get into antics that are fairly identical to the ones from the original. They even end up in yet another car chase with bad guys, what are the odds? The only difference is that neither of the cars ends up in a swimming pool this time around, making the scene about a hundred times less awesome. The son isnu0026#39;t spying on female tennis players anymore, now heu0026#39;s turned to basketball. And then some crooks catch him and want to beat him up, just like in youu0026#39;ve guessed it, the first one. There are some new jokes that work, but mostly the makers really just relied on the audience having low expectations and wanting more of the same. Which I guess isnu0026#39;t a particularly dumb move. If you liked the first one youu0026#39;ll like the sequel too, because it involves the same elements (crude jokes, action scenes, Tatjana Simic naked), but overall it seems rather phoned in.”


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