You Might as Well Live (2009)

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You Might as Well Live (2009). 1h 18m | R

“Really great Canadian films are hard to find. Theyu0026#39;re so thinly spread that most get lost or eclipsed by the sea of American output. On the same token, truly solid, u0026#39;funny from beginning to endu0026#39; comedies are just as rare, at least for my specifically demented taste, ad mark my words, youu0026#39;ve got to have one sick puppy of a sense of humour to appreciate You Might As Well Live, a comedy so dark it feels like it has origins in some obscure back alley improv skit fashioned by the strangest people in the class. If that sounds like a glowing compliment fpr a film to get, then keep reading, this may just be the animal for you (Iu0026#39;m looking at all of you YLYLu0026#39;s lurking my feed). This one plays like a mix of John Waters and MadTV on crack. It concerns a childlike loser named Robert R. Mutt (Josh Peace), a hapless schmuck who never seems to be able to do anything right. His childhood idol, major league baseball star Clinton Manitoba (Michael Madsen, riotous) appears to him, claiming he needs three things to succeed in life: A girl, some money and a championship ring. And so he sets out on a deranged quest in his scuzzy rural town, beset by all kinds of drug dealers, vagrants, oddballs and deviants, including rabid Fred Steinke (a maniacal Stephen Mchattie) who aims to have Robert chemically castrated. Itu0026#39;s seriously off the map, queasy humour that hits some notes so off key that laughs turn sour upon leaving you as you realize you shouldnu0026#39;t find it funny. But hell, I did. So if youu0026#39;re down, give it a go, and remember: Robert R. Mutt is NOT A douchebag!!”


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