La Traviata (TV Movie 2005)

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La Traviata (TV Movie 2005). 2h 30m | Not Rated

“I am glad of possessing this production of Verdiu0026#39;s masterpiece La was premiered at the 2005 Salzburg Festival. Anna Netrebko is mesmerizing as Violetta Valery,Rolando Villazon was very good,with whom she also performed in Lu0026#39;Elisir du0026#39;Amore in 2005,also a must for Anna Netrebko fans.La Traviata is conducted by Carlo Rizzi,the production is modern but very good,picture quality is excellent,the audio is superb with DTS. Anna Netrebko sang a highly regarded Romeo et Juliette also with Rolando Villazon. A must for La Traviata fans.I was deeply touched to the degree that I watched it three times on three consecutive days.”


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