The Lesson (2023)

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The Lesson (2023). 1h 43m | R

“I was watching this for about ten minutes wracking my brain to remember where Iu0026#39;d seen Daryl McCormack before – then I recalled u0026quot;Good Luck… Leo Grandeu0026quot; (2022). Well heu0026#39;s actually quite good in this too. Itu0026#39;s quite a clever thriller about his aspiring young writer u0026quot;Liamu0026quot; who is offered the chance to tutor u0026quot;Bertieu0026quot; (Stephen McMillan) at his home. His father is renowned author u0026quot;JM Sinclairu0026quot; (a characterful effort from Richard E. Grant) and mother u0026quot;Hélèneu0026quot; (Julie Delpy) an accomplished pianist and artist. u0026quot;Bertieu0026quot; is a bit recalcitrant but gradually, as u0026quot;Liamu0026quot; finds his feet, the two start to bond a little and the older man begins to realise that this family dynamic, still reeling from a previous tragedy, is not quite as idyllic and synchronistic as it appears. Quickly, we discover that the confident and rather domineering paternal figure is actually quite an intellectual bully and he has his own secret which u0026quot;Liamu0026quot; is going to be a pawn in bringing to light. Itu0026#39;s actually Delpy who steals the film for me. Heru0026#39;s is obviously the puppet master-character and she gels well with McCormack as the plot unfolds towards a denouement that is both fitting and just a little bit surprising. Crispin Letts also adds a little bit of menace as the butler u0026quot;Ellisu0026quot; and the tight cast and decent writing help keep this taut and attractive to watch. Itu0026#39;s just a little slow at the start, but I still quite enjoyed this.”


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