The Sound of Violet (2022)

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The Sound of Violet (2022). 1h 47m | PG-13

“I found myself really drawn into this story. It is not the typical characters we see onscreen but they are so human, I couldnu0026#39;t help but find myself rooting for the unconventional love story. I even found empathy for Ruth and Colin, who, I had initially been so upset with. Their love of Shawn can be a bit protective and stifling while simultaneously shining such harsh and unfair light on those around him. They feel they are doing whatu0026#39;s best but they just canu0026#39;t see what this is really costing all of them. The story takes the viewer on quite a ride and is unlike anything I can recall seeing. It is rich in character development and story telling, alike. I attribute this to Allen Wolf and his care for these characters. I could see his heart and passion for this story really shine through. I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it refreshing and unlike anything I can remember seeing. A really beautiful, heartfelt film with some talented young actors.”


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