Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti (1993)

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Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti (1993). 52m | Not Rated

“I believe what is fascinating with this work is that the filmmaker maintains both an authentic and insightful depiction of Voudoun whilst incorporating a very specific engagement creating new possibilities and recounting entirely new experiences. Although importantly her study is very informative and is supported by a very detailed book upon the subject, there is much to be said above and beyond pure fact. There is of course a problem identifying Derenu0026#39;s role partaking in the religious ceremonies although she was welcomed by a Voudou priest. It is important to note that she didnu0026#39;t adopt the insulting role of sceptical bystander nor tried to make any allusions to the particular behaviour of various communities partaking in Voudoun, other than those she was able to witness during her time in Haiti. I think this film is extremely eye-opening of the fact that there is much to be said of human behaviour which can only be derived by such phenomenology as is demonstrated by this film.”


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