Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962)

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Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962). 1h 15m | Not Rated

“To me, this movie is really charming as a period piece. Even though Blaze Starr had been, at the time of this movie, an established stripper of national fame, she could hardly be called a movie star. But she was perfect for this movie. She had the ideal lush 50u0026#39;s body, along with the hair, makeup, and clothes (in the few scenes where sheu0026#39;s actually wearing clothes). There are a couple of scenes where sheu0026#39;s walking (clothed), and we get the full bombshell treatment: chin up, hips swaying, projecting her boobs out, and on high heels, yet! Thereu0026#39;s a real innocence to this movie; partly, I think, to get it past the censors of the day. Blaze, and all the other naked bodies in this film move about and act as normal as anybody – except, of course, they ARE naked. Which makes it funny to watch at times. And all the frontal nudity is from the waist area and up. But what is refreshing is that even with all the skin, thereu0026#39;s none of the overt sexuality that exists just about everywhere today, where every 15 year old Paris Hilton wannabe wears a t-shirt that says u0026#39;Porn Staru0026#39;. The era that this film was shot in may not have been a simpler time, but it makes me wish Iu0026#39;d been around back then. This is by far Doris Wishmanu0026#39;s best work. The film flows from one languid scene to the next, with unimportant plot devices thrown in here and there. And Blaze really does have a great body. Most of the other women in the film are decent looking, but when theyu0026#39;re in the same scene with Blaze, they seem pedestrian. I could watch Blaze all day. The DVD version of this movie is crisp and clear, with little or no sign of age; the colors are rich and spectacular, a joy to watch.”


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