No Fear, No Die (1990)

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No Fear, No Die (1990). 1h 30m | Not Rated

“I worked on this film as an extra and it was a pleasure to meet the fantastic talent in the film. Isaach was a delight and it was great to meet the late, great Jean-Claude Brialy, who had us often in stitches during the breaks. But the sheer brilliance of watching Ms. Denis at work was unforgettable. I would also like to point out that the cockfights in the film look very real but in filming them it was executed so well that no harm was ever done to any animals. It took many, many hours of shooting and many takes to make it look real – and lots of fake blood. Of course they were put into the ring and they hopped around on each other and began to get aggressive but then it would be stopped. Thus the words u0026quot;no animals were harmed during the making of this filmu0026quot; is true. It was important to show that this type of thing was going on at the time (many people didnu0026#39;t believe it), and how brutal it was.”


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