Iron Protector (2016)

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Iron Protector (2016). 1h 33m | Not Rated

“Iron Protector is a fast-paced and spectacular martial arts flick. It might not reinvent the genre but itu0026#39;s very well-executed. Despite some technical overexposure and illogical sequences, this movie isnu0026#39;t too overwhelming because it focuses on traditional martial arts fights and a few chase sequences. Those who need a change from franchises like Die Hard and The Fast and the Furious with countless exploding buildings and vehicles will get a vivid action movie that goes back to the basics of martial arts flicks with a modern twist in form of settings and directing. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe shallow plot and its final twist are very predictable for genre fans but still offer some welcome breaks from all the action. It also helps that the lead actor is a grounded hero with a strong moral compass while the lead actress portrays a sensitive character behind an arrogant facade. In a Chinese society controled by greed, individualism and money, itu0026#39;s almost refreshing to witness a character who cares for his convictions, duty and family.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIron Protector isnu0026#39;t memorable or revolutionary but a bona-fide martial arts flick. It was obviously made by martial arts fans for martial arts fans. The film offers a dynamic ride and never gets boring which makes it good for what it is. The fight sequences are particularly intense. Genre fans canu0026#39;t get around this film, everyone else should just pass.”


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