Joyland (2022)

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Joyland (2022). 2h 6m

“Through the course of every year, there are a few movies which I mark as the most anticipated ones. Ever since I first watched the trailer for Joyland, I was intrigued and looking forward to experiencing it. Over the course of time, the film gathered accolades in the festival circuit and was banned in its home country of Pakistan. I finally had the opportunity to watch it last week and I was not disappointed. I do have an issue with the film but that is not regarding its quality . More on that later.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis one is a bold film and the director Saim Safiq must be hailed to have the guts to make this film coming from where he is. The smart thing here is that he does not go about demonizing or critiquing something as sensitive as religion. Rather, he attacks the evil of patriarchy and the devastating effect it can have on a family breaking out from its core till nothing is left. While we mostly have films over here which shows how the women are affected by patriarchy, this film does a wonderful job in portraying that it is equally toxic for the men as it thursts unreal expectation of being a Man right from their birth.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eJoyland primarily deals with the joint family headed by the father Rana Amanullah and the family of his two sons – Haider and Salim. Each member of the family has their own dynamic. Everyone tries to fit in but each has their own unrequited wants which they are striving for. Haider is the black sheep of the family who, despite his best efforts, cannot live up to the expectations of his father or of the society. He finally finds his calling after he gets a job as a background dancer at a dance group led by Biba. Biba is a transgender in Pakistan trying to carve a place in the society but is not given a chance. Sparks immediately fly between them when the two misfits meet each other. This relation sets in motion a butterfly effect, the results of which are not pleasant.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe acting is brilliant all across the board and the dialouges and screenplay are both commendable but mature. This film shows a mirror to the audience about the everyday casual wrong-doings happening all around us. We can either turn a blind eye to it or address it .The choice is ours as the audience. No one here is a villain, but just trying to live their life as per the standards set for them and trying to break the glass ceiling one step at a time.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eNow, coming to the issue of the film. I think the trailer for this film actually did the film a disservice. This film is no way only about the relation between Biba and Haider. People who have not watched the movie are protesting for all the wrong reasons. This is a far more mature film which addresses issues faced by everyone – right from the youngest member of the family to the eldest one. The best scene in this movie, for me,does not even involve Biba. It is the pre-climax scene which has to be the most tender yet the most telling scene in this movie. It packs a punch and by the time the credit rolls, you realise you just finished watching one of the top films of the year.”


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