Concerned Citizen (2022)

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Concerned Citizen (2022). 1h 22m

“A fellow picks up the phone to report a problem. He doesnu0026#39;t want to get deeply involved, so he prefers not to state his name. But matters donu0026#39;t proceed as expected, and he winds up feeling a burden of guilt. It damages all the other aspects of his life, but how can he dispel it?u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis is a low-budget movie centered around that one character and his distress, although there is a believable supporting cast. One cause of the herou0026#39;s predicament is that heu0026#39;s come into contact with a community foreign to his comfortably bourgeois background, and the film is quietly ironic about how his little predicament is dwarfed by the big issues around him in South Tel Aviv, notably African immigrants and gentrification. Still, I think everyone can identify with the well-acted situation in which the protagonist regrets a mistake that he canu0026#39;t reverse.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe protagonist is gay, and in the movie homosexuality is emphatically normalized. If that sounds like an oxymoron, it rather feels like one too, as extra screen time is devoted to gay goings-on that donu0026#39;t advance the plot. Enough, Iu0026#39;m afraid, to risk consigning the movie to a niche audience, although I understand HBO has bought it for streaming.”


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