I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me (2023)

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I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me (2023). 1h 57m | TV-MA

“A surprising story, a tone that constantly oscillates between comedy and tragedy, farce and hyperrealism, narrated with great skill where each subplot and secondary character has ample reason for being,with several main plots finely interwoven, on the one hand it is the story of the search for the dreams of an apprentice writer and his academic preparation, on the other the chronicle of a strange case of manipulation and abuse of the Mexican mafia in combination with political and Spanish police. An extraordinary script, with great dialogues where Spanish-speaking characters from all latitudes alternate, of course Mexicans, Catalans, Argentines, Chileans, even Italians (based in Barcelona and speaking in Spanish). The direction and editing are simply fantastic, the narrative speed is always dizzying, the plot always advances at a dizzying pace and takes sudden and unexpected turns ending with a very tragic ending.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003e. Some fantastic performances such as Alexis Ayala, Juan Minuyin or Carmen Beato.”


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