King on Screen (2022)

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King on Screen (2022). 1h 45m

“Taking a seemingly endless number of writers, directors and technicians, this documentary looks back at pretty much every film and series since Carrie and attempts to look at the themes that King brings forth around Americau0026#39;s dark side (even Trump gets a mention) which has proved so successful over the years.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe documentary is a smorgasbord of interviews, behind the scene / making of clips and particularly insights by those who have adapted Kingu0026#39;s work, including interestingly the considerable amount of average and down right awful adaptations – so for every u0026#39;Carrieu0026#39;, there is a u0026#39;Thinneru0026#39; given equal amounts of reverence. Overall it is a little scattershot with no clear direction as to what itu0026#39;s trying to say until the conclusion and the best bits are the more in depth stories – Frank Darobont talking u0026#39;Green Mileu0026#39; or why King famously didnu0026#39;t like Kubricku0026#39;s u0026#39;The Shiningu0026#39;. So so as a documentary but plenty to enjoy for King / Horror Movie fans.”


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