The Devil's Island (1977)

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The Devil's Island (1977). 2h 21m

“This is an interesting film. It is about a private eye trying to solve the murders of three sisters on an island near Hiroshima. The directing is superb, the acting is good, and there are a range of interesting characters (sensible straight guys, clownish cops, servants and so on). The music is typical 1970u0026#39;s Japanese movie music: lots of guitars along with strings and traditional Japanese instruments. The director filmed some lovely natural scenes with cliffs, rice fields as well as scenes with long steps and temples. The plot is somewhat complicated, it is hard to understand the relationships of the characters with each other. The director uses splices edited scenes to inform the viewer of things that happened, these scenes are nearly subliminal, they are very short and are inserted when two characters are having a serious chat. There is a fairly gross scene when the corpse of one of the sisters loses her head. A bit of a long movie but enjoyable.”


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