Coffin Rock (2009)

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Coffin Rock (2009). 1h 32m | Not Rated

“Those Aussies, they surely know how to make a good movie. Remember Wolf Creek. this one is from the same producer and I can tell you, this surely hits again. Itu0026#39;s not your typical flick with blood and gore, this one plays with your mind a bit more and it works better with the score they use. Made me think of the remake of Last House On The Left. The story line is simple. A couple would like to have a child but the man has some problems. He love his wife but he canu0026#39;t make a child. His wife adores kids and thatu0026#39;s what we see in the first 10 minutes. Argue about what to do he goes to a clinic to do a research on his seed. So far so good but troubles between the man and wife still gets worser resulting in the wife going out for a drink. Wrong. A one night stand happens and the movie starts. It take a while before it really starts but be sure, it starts. The weird thing about this flick is the almost no use of the red stuff, even no gore but I assure you, if you are weak you wonu0026#39;t be able to watch it. And not being made in the US gives us a not expecting ending. Again the last minute hits hard. Itu0026#39;s a great movie, go get it.”


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