The Ordinaries (2022)

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The Ordinaries (2022). 2h 4m

“Although the movie feels fresh at first, the tone is very depressive, any u0026quot;comedyu0026quot; moments are forced, and the singing becomes too much to handle. I think the movie lacks life, and that the characters feel part a Black Mirror episode. I felt it was made for hipster-intellectuals and therefore couldnu0026#39;t connect with the movie. Highlights: great photography. The only character that really captivated me was Henning Peker as housemaid.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eIt definitely feels refreshing for a German movie, but lacks everything else. Also Iu0026#39;d definitely not consider it a comedy, as any attempts of humor are at most u0026quot;awkwardu0026quot;.”


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