A Christmas Carol (TV Movie 2000)

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A Christmas Carol (TV Movie 2000). 1h 15m

“As someone who comes from a family of Christmas fanatics and HUGE u0026quot;Carolu0026quot; fans begging for a version that remains completely faithful to the original text, this updated version intrigued me like very few have. Although the use of Marley is unusual (he appears several times), I bought into the concept of Scrooge as a heartless loan shark and Bob Cratchitt as his assistant trapped in a job from which he cannot afford to escape. I especially enjoyed some of the modern, and very creative, approaches which will be better appreciated by those more familiar with the story. What captured my attention initially, was the opening scene in which the familiar, u0026quot;Marley was dead…u0026quot; is delivered in a totally fresh manner. If you love the u0026quot;Carolu0026quot; try to find this next Christmas on public television (which is where I found it by accident)!”


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