Craft Me a Romance (2023)

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Craft Me a Romance (2023). Craft Me a Romance: Directed by Sam Irvin. With Jodie Sweetin, Brent Bailey, Maxwell Caulfield, Julie Brown. Nicole Borden, the owner of a quaint arts and crafts store "The Crafty Companion", is faced with an ultimatum when the owner of "Mitchell's Art and Craft Supplies" tells her she must either sell her store or be forced out of business.

“The acting and the story line is pretty cheesy, even for this genre of movie. I have watched almost all hallmark movies and when this channel split off some of the actors and actresses I was excited for new opportunities, but this movie – didnu0026#39;t do it. It almost seems like they are trying to pack too much into the movie. Sometimes itu0026#39;s okay to leave out information or lines and the story can still come across. It almost feels like they donu0026#39;t believe their story line can survive without spelling it out for us the viewers. If you want some background noise itu0026#39;s okay, but if you are wanting to watch it for the acting and story – I would skip it.”


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