Queen Pin (2010)

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Queen Pin (2010). 1h 35m

“This SUPER LOW BUDGET film had potential, despite the typical u0026quot;hoodu0026quot; crime drama we have seen before. I could see what the director and writer was trying to accomplish, but if fell short.nThe problem was the audio, the acting and the script/dialogue(which may have been improvised)…if the ACTING was good the dialogue and audio could slightly be overlooked-slightly.nStill thereu0026#39;s something cool about putting the effort to making a movie like this…no budget but what you have, using all your friends to make the dream happen despite the result. I was amused by the bad acting and curious to see how it would end despite how low budget it was.nIf you watch this take it for what it is..for some it may be so bad that it becomes good.”


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