Red Rooms (2023)

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Red Rooms (2023). 1h 58m

“I saw 23 films at CIFF u0026amp; this was my top pick. So thoroughly detailed, from the beginning (seemingly) 1-shot take, to how the story and characters are developed, to the 2 lead actresses (Juliette Gariépy, Laurie Babin) and the entire cast being so believable in their roles. I loved that instead of showing horrific gruesome scenes, you already know and hear the scenes just by seeing the 2 actresses act with their eyes and faces. The depiction of the dark web u0026amp; related online conversations seems incredibly real. Iu0026#39;m not on the dark web but have been actively engaged since the mid-90s with how people speak online especially using anonymous usernames. The ending did cause intense excited conversations between my friends u0026amp; I, as to exactly the personality and motives of the main character. As a side note, my friends u0026amp; I met the director Pascal Plante at CIFF u0026amp; he was so friendly u0026amp; humble. Iu0026#39;ve noticed that the films we enjoyed the most were by the directors who were incredibly humble about their work. Anyhow, this film kept us engaged with every single second.”


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