The Boys of Ghost Town (2009)

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The Boys of Ghost Town: Directed by Pablo Veliz. With Stephanie Acosta, Nova Aragon, Evie A. Armstrong, Vivian Brown. Danny Ortega is imprisoned for a crime of justice at a very young age. After 17 years in prison, he returns to his town of Houston to find that crime and drugs have overturned what he once called home. When he attempts to rebuild his life, the lust for power overtakes him and launches him into the world that he always dreaded.

“Hereu0026#39;s what I like about the movie -u0026gt; Great action sequences and Iu0026#39;m talking u0026#39;Mission Impossibleu0026#39; standards (no pun intended). Hrithik looks out of the world. The way he looks in this movie, I donu0026#39;t think anyone can look better than this ever. Heu0026#39;s brilliant with his acting too. The VFX u0026amp; SFX is incredible. The dance off between Hrithik u0026amp; Tiger is another thing to watch out for. What Iu0026#39;m going to type next wonu0026#39;t be liked my many but I think while Hrithik is a brilliant dancer and his style canu0026#39;t be matched by any, Tiger Shroff is definitely faster than him u0026amp; for the first time ever, I found Hrithik challenged on screen on a dance number. Vani Kapoor in her cameo is brilliant and brings life to the movie. Her role, however short, is meaningful.nWhere the film loses out is the story line u0026amp; dialogues. The story line is like the most obvious ever and the dialogues lack any kind of punch. To top that, thereu0026#39;s no comic element in the film at all. These things put together make the film feel very very long and boring.nHowever, I strongly recommend that you should watch this one at the theatres u0026amp; not at home. So go, grab a ticket!”


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