Ice Queen (Video 2005)

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Ice Queen (Video 2005). 1h 32m | R

“OMG!!! u0026quot;Ice Queenu0026quot; lol. I absolutely love how bad this movie is. The performances are awful, the story is played out, and the special effects are really cheesy. But I have to admit that I enjoyed this movieu0026#39;s terribleness! I totally think they should remake this with Carmen Electra as the Ice Queen, Adam Brody as the male lead, and Tara Reid as the hot dumb blonde. How awesome would that be? That could definitely be a serious Razzie contender. Oh, and they can get Uwe Boll to direct! Heu0026#39;d be great at making it even worse! I can see it now…u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eUWE BOLL presents u0026quot;THE ICE QUEENu0026quot; starring Carmen Electra, Adam Brody, u0026amp; Tara Reid lol”


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