ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009)

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ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009). 1h 29m | R

“I have a hard time understanding how people can see this movie as anything more than mildly entertaining. I decided to watch it with high hopes as I am a big fan of the zombie genre and some reviewers compared it to Shaun of the dead and Zombieland. In my opinion however, there is no comparison, even when taking into consideration the far lower production costs of ZMD. There is no depth to any of the characters and I donu0026#39;t see how the acting can be viewed as anything more than up to par. The humour and satirical elements consist of easy one-liners which failed to even make me grin. I mean, come on : u0026quot;Donu0026#39;t shoot, Iu0026#39;m gayu0026quot;. Is that even a joke ? If I was to compare this movie to anything Iu0026#39;ve seen, I might consider Zombie strippers. However, Zombie strippers, at the very least, added a new original take to the genre and there was some much appreciated subtlety to the humour in the script. Furthermore, Iu0026#39;ve seen Zombie strippers twice whereas I would never consider sitting through ZMD a second time. In all honesty, I feel generous in rating this movie with a 3/10.”


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