The Riverbank (2012)

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The Riverbank (2012). 1h 16m

“A really good movie. Of course Kari Matchett again hits it out of the ballpark with her usual aplomb, her performance alone is worth the time invested. But Kari didnu0026#39;t have to do all the heavy lifting because the casting of this movie is unusually strong. Inga Cadranel shined as she stood out among a really fine acting lineup, usually there is always at least one actoru0026#39;ess/character who is unable to keep up but this movieu0026#39;s cast is really solid. Writing never lost track of the pace, nor insulted us with tropes, the mood was almost noir-like and I appreciated the writers not resorting to the easy-out way with their story. The direction was on a Hollywood feature level and the production levels were tops. You can tell those associated with this movie were pros. I have to say this again, if Kari Matchett is cast in a TV/Movie it is must see viewing.”


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