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Ryna (2005). 1h 34m | Not Rated

“This movie transports us in the Delta of the Danube, within a small town located in Romania, where the river meets the sea. The Delta can be seen as a beginning as well as the end. As the end: Ryna is a teenager living in a small and poor town of the Danubeu0026#39;s border – almost an island – where everybody hopes to reach the wealth of the u0026quot;materialu0026quot; world which is getting everyday closer, without any real chance to get to it. As a beginning: the Delta has always been like that. Nothing can change it, except itu0026#39;s own cycles. When the storm arrives, the roots are coming back to life, ready to support a new beginning. Ryna has to find her own way, like many of the teenagers facing the brutal changes in some eastern countries. But more than the social background, the movie is focusing on Rynau0026#39;s character, showing us this contrasted world through her teenageru0026#39;s eyes.”


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