The Business (2005)

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The Business: Directed by Nick Love. With Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Geoff Bell, Georgina Chapman. Frankie is sent from London to Spain to make a delivery to Charlie, who likes the kid and shows him the ropes including the use of guns and drugs. Frankie likes the sun, pools and the cute, bikini clad girls and stays in Spain.

“I love Nick Love movies. Would really like him to make a big budget movie. I think heu0026#39;s proved his ability as a film maker and needs to be given the chance on the big stage. As a stand alone film i really enjoyed it. I felt the film lost something as it went on, and the format was very similar to The Football Factory, maybe thatu0026#39;s just Nicks style. I loved the Love/Dyer commentary routine on the football factory and they were back in full flight again, brilliant. I think for a film that cost 2 million its a gem, and to put it up against other big budget movies of the the same genre is a little unfair. Looking forward to the next”


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