The Exorcists (2023)

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The Exorcists (2023). 1h 30m

“With a 6 day shooting schedule … yep, SIX days, I was totally impressed. Subtle believable effects and some twists we didnu0026#39;t expect. Doug Bradley evokes such compassion in every scene- the locations were cool and the score was definitly not a low budget score. I liked the campy humor and tongue and cheek humor I see in Joseu0026#39;s films. I realized what it was going into it and with 6 days and an ensemble cast, it had amazing production value. Huxley the possessed was a fantastic young actress and if they make another one I hope she gets to come back – the song at the credits I found out was written and performed by the actress JennaLynn from the film and Iu0026#39;d love to get a copy of it! Worth the 5bucks!”


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